Stop WordPress permalink change to avoid Feed conflicts

WordPress permalink change should be avoided at any cost after publishing of any post on your blog. While using WordPress blog, we always have the advantage of very easy WordPress permalink setup change or keywords change in permalink which lack in blogger blogs. But it is never a good idea to take advantage of such facilities once the posts has got published in your Jasminlive blog. Here is the very simple reason for avoiding WordPress permalink change.

Why we should avoid permalink change after posting blogs?

Appearantly WordPress blog permalink change looks very pretty and you may be very tempted once you find some SEO friendly title for your old published posts to change it along with the title of blog to hike its SEO ranking, but it will left you with lifetime agony of getting 404 error, loosing your blog credibility and consequently loosing loyal readers.

All this happens due to RSS feed technology associated with our blogs. This RSS feed updates technology works beyond our control. No sooner we use to publish our blog posts, these RSS feed updater use to update lots of feed readers that your readers already used to subscribe your blog. Now many feed readers use to decide the new post by watching its title or both permalink along with the page title. Thus they will start showing the same post twice in their feed readers once either of the blog title or permalink gets change.

The pain problem with RSS feeds is that you cannot change your feeds, or delete these any way, so:

- This duplicate content in the feed reader will confuse your loyal readers.

- This will cost you the credibility of your blog.

- Since with permalink change, the older post location get replaced with newer one but never delete the older one, this would result in 404 error page or page not found.

The only solution to avoid such things is:

- Do SEO search for your title before publishing any post so that it will generate SEO friendly WordPress permalink.

- If necessary, do change the title only and must not change the existing WordPress permalink.

Social network traffic = Low CTR = AdSense Smart Pricing

Social Networking sites no doubt is a good source of bringing high traffic to your blog but it hurts your AdSense income. Do you know HOW? When we start promoting our blogs and sites, we mostly concentrate on all possible ways of driving as much possible traffic to our blogs or websites. But while doing this, we don’t care about the side effects of blog promotion on our earning, yes AdSense money. AdSense as we all know serves contextual advertisements on our blogs and websites and pays us for clicks and impressions. But what earns us more among these two types of ads are Pay per click ads. So, it is more on PPC ads from AdSense that we should concentrate upon to earn from blog. But PPC earning decreases with Low Click Through Rate or Low CTR.

How Social site traffic cause Low Click Through Rate?

The ratio of number of impression to the number of clicks on the ads is known as Click Through Rate. When the number of impression increases considerably in compare to the number of clicks, then low click through rate happens. Since on the social networking site your site link is open to all and may rank on the home page, it attracts all types of visitors having different interests. As most of them does not bear the same interest upon the niche that you have on your blog, so they just come to your blog to check out what is interesting there. This cause high impression of Jasminelive advertisements in compare to those visitors who come to your blog having same interest as you and click on ads for genuine purpose with few clicks thus generating Low Click Through Rate.

Why Low CTR cause AdSense Smart Pricing?

If you are a White Hat publisher then you know that why Google AdSense is paying you. In fact, AdSense is not paying you for clicking . Your blog has some responsibility of working as better inter-mediator between buyer and advertisers. So, AdSense is paying you after considering several factors on how much potential conversion does your blogs / site can bring to the advertisers from your traffic. That is why Google AdSense does not pay for fraud clicks and pay low amount for ads on non relevant sites. They even have smart pricing techniques to decide whether the click on a certain ad have any potential of getting converted or not. If there are low chances of getting the click converted into business for the advertisers the amount being paid to the publishers will automatically gets decreases. This Low CTR will gradually make AdSense to serve the low paying ads on your blogs /sites due to low conversion potential on your blog.

So, it is better to develop quality rich content with better SEO to get much more visible on Search Engine results in front of targeted visitors to drive traffic on your post rather than emphasizing more on driving traffic through social networking sites.

Wordpress Recent posts plugins helps increase AdSense earning

Recent post plugins on a blog contributes to have positive increase in AdSense earning. There are lots of WordPress recent post plugins available on the web and those who are using another blogging software will find related gadgets for their blogs. In this post you will learn how recent posts plugins will help increasing AdSense earning.

Why recent posts plugins is most important?

Blog visitors have a natural tendency to quit once they have read out the whole post for searching other related information on the web through search engines or other available sources on the web in order to gather more and more information about what they are searching for. This is what no blogger expects from their visitors as they works hard on every post of their blog to provide valuable information to their readers. Even leaving your webpage by the visitors as soon as they completed reading will also have a negative effect on AdSense earning because this decreases the number of potential clicks and page impression which otherwise would contribute to increase your AdSense earning. So, the only remedy is to keep the visitors glue with your blog anyway and fortunately recent posts plugins will play very important role in this context.

How recent posts plugins helps blog visitors to stay on your blog?

When a visitor completes reading a specific post on your chaturbate blog, he/ she would either quit off your blog or try to find something more on your blog. Now, its your responsibility to give your blog visitor the reason to stay on your blog. With the help of recent posts plugins you are providing your blog visitor the easy navigation to other posts of your blog which may interest them to click and read other posts.

How recent posts plugins help increasing AdSense earning?

Recent posts plugins is a easy navigation to few recent posts written on the blog. If the visitor has got interested in the content quality of your previous read page or pages then he/ she may get interest in the recent written topics on your blog.

Page impression- So, recent posts plugins increases the chances of increasing page impression as the visitors clicks on other pages of your blog which contributes earning to your AdSense account.

Clicks generation- Again by visiting different pages the visitor will encounter different contents along with valuable information provided by related Google AdSense advertisements, so they may like to click few of them present on some pages of your blog.

Few more click generation- Since though recent posts plugins visitors gets some reason to stay longer on your blog, so gradually a laziness develops in the visitor to quit of your blog and search somewhere else for gathering more information. They tends to stay even for more time on your blog site, this gives an extra advantage to your AdSense earnings as the visitor now started making up mind for gathering more and more information there which eventually give results to more clicks on related Google AdSense advertisements present on your blog.

Adsense preview tool installation helps getting related Adsense advertisements

AdSense Preview tool installation is the one thing, that I suggest every new blogger to install on their browser. AdSense preview tool installation helps your blog to go right way if you are blogging for money. Because it let you know about the possible AdSense ads that would be going to get slapped on your blog post when you add AdSense code to it.

What is AdSense Preview Tool?

AdSense Preview Tool is the handy utility for all Bloggers and Webmasters to decide whether their content goes right or wrong. Because every blogger or webmaster know that AdSense revenue largely depends upon related AdSense advertisements that comes on the web-page. If the AdSense ads are not related to the content then blog visitors would not go to click any single ad this would decrease AdSense revenue.

How AdSense Preview Tool helps getting related Ads?

As a general rule, AdSense ads gets display on the web-page based on the type of content present there. But despite of that we can see that lots of web-pages do contain non-related AdSense advertisements. The fact is that the AdSense ads also depends on the keyword density, content writing style, selection of title and other factors. The low density of primary keyword attracts along with other factors attract non-related AdSense advertisements on the post. So, before insertion of AdSense code to a particular post, you can check out the possible AdSense Ads come to your web-page. So, AdSense Preview tool installation can give you a next chance to improve your content to get related ads.

WordPress theme with excerpts on home page helps site popularity

WordPress themes are available in large numbers on the web and hundreds more are being added daily to the web. But while selecting the WordPress theme for your blog, I would like to suggest you with any of the magazine style WordPress theme may it be free or paid WordPress theme with excerpt views of the posts on the home page. WordPress blog with themes having excerpt view on the home page plays big role in gathering popularity to your blog.

Why excerpt view themes perform best?

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available on the web and selecting the best among them that suits your personality and contribute to your blog popularity is very tough job. To make it a bit simple I would like to suggest you a theme with excerpts from your blog posts on the home page. This type of WordPress theme performs best as the visitor of your blog gets more accessibility to lots of other posts present in your blog.

This way the visitors like blogs with this type of template very much due to the following reasons:

1. Your blog provides easy navigation to many other posts on your blog.

2. Visitors hates clicks to gather information present on several pages.

3. By presenting excerpt about several posts at the home location helps them to know about what the post is written about without getting pain of clicking several times from the archives of the blog to know what that post is about.

4. The visitor's get rid of waiting for each page to get load before knowing what is there inside. The little excerpt tells them the whole story about the blog post.

5. Some visitors gets relaxed as they have saved their Internet bandwidth usages because they doesn't have to click on every page and loose some of the bandwidth to know what is there inside the post they are interested to know about.

Thus while selecting WordPress themes from thousands of gorgeous themes, you should also take care about such factors that whether the theme you are going to use will contribute to your blog popularity or not.

Why Google AdSense non related ads are appearing?

Google AdSense non-related ads is the one thing that no blogger or webmaster wants to have even a single encounter with it. Why? The reason being quite simple, it affects the AdSense revenue generation. But the scenarios are there that all of we either have to face non related AdSense ads or give most effort to get rid of this.

Why AdSense non related ads are appearing in my blog post?

Is the most asked question to my by my student bloggers. In this post, I would like to share some of the points that I know about this happenings and would like to follow it up by those who doesn’t know the reason for better work out in their blogs.

There are few simple reasons for appearance of Google AdSense non related ads on a blog post or web-page.

1. You may be writing about some different niche which has no sponsors. So, in absence of related advertisements either public services

2. It is very much possible that Google AdSense system has not yet crawled the web-page soon after attachment of Google AdSense code to the page or publication of the already AdSense code added page.

3. Your content contains verbiage which may be sensitive enough to dis-track the related AdSense ads from its primary keyword or targeted ads.

4. The density of primary keyword is so low that it is unable to attract the related AdSense advertisements on the post/ articles.

5. Your blog or website has so many different topics which attracts non- related Google AdSense advertisements.

6. If you can not ignore writing something non-related along with your primary keyword content which is attracting non-related ads then try section targeting of Google AdSense ads to ignore non-related contents.

So, you have to take care of few things to attract related AdSense ads on your web-page.

- Write about the topics of your interest but do research about the niche whether it has enough sponsors or not.

- Wait for some time to get your page crawled by Google AdSense system.

- Take care of your primary keyword density on your web-page.

- Keep your blog or website concentrate about a single niche to attract more related advertisements.

Free comfy WordPress magazine style theme download

Free WordPress themes are what most of we fond of. The free available WordPress theme users has a general tendency of keep experimenting with new availble free WordPress themes as it does not cost any thing and also provides the freedom of changing it often without thinking about any further expenditure. But, as there are tonnes of gorgeous free WordPress themes available online that often we get confused about which theme or template will suits our personality and contribute to increase our blog popularity. I think Comfy magazine style theme is one you would like to try.

As I had written in my earlier post that WordPress theme with excerpts on the home page contributes to blog popularity. Most of downloading link for Comfy magazine style WordPress theme are broken. So, I am uploading that I have downloaded few months ago. It is available as it was from the source.

Comfy news/ magazine style theme from the is one of the best collection among the magazine style WordPress themes that I like most. Comfy magazine style theme is simple, professional WordPress theme, fully customizable and controllable by publishers. Comfy news/ magazine theme is available both as free comfy news/ magazine themes from various on-line sources and also as paid WordPress theme from Deluxe themes website.

Why comfy news/ magazine style theme is popular?

Comfy news/magazine style WordPress theme is very popular among those who loves to give their blog a professional look along with various user friendly features to their blog visitors. The publisher of the blog gets full advantage of controlling sidebar widgets and advertisement coltroll. The Comfy theme provides a perfect dropdown navigation, feedburner subscription, pre placed advertisement spots, featured entries, ajax tabs and much more.

A closer look on the complete features of Comfy WordPress theme.

- The featured stories gets displayed with ajax tabs.

- The sidebar contains spot to display featured video.

- The sidebar is widget ready with ajax tabs to display the hottest topics.

- User friendly rating facilities and print option of the posts.

- Well custom 404 pages, archive templates.

- Gavtars support

- The best feature of this Comfy magazine theme is that user will have full control over the number of news on their home page.

- The theme is compatible with WordPress 2.7 and onwards.

- Still lots of updates are waiting.