GeoChrip: find local twitter community based on keyword

Twitter is the most chanted word these days. Every one is tweeting something on twitter and there is a perfect reason for this as it is the most favourite and popular way to spread your blogs and websites among your fans. But there is one drawback in twitter, you may never know that the neighbour next-door bears same interest as you and is among regular twitters, twittering over the subject of your interest, its tough or almost impossible to find them out by clicking on every profile to checkout if s/he is from your locality. It’s like finding a needle within the debris.

Now this drawback has been over come by CueBlocks an Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Development firm based in Chandigarh, India. They have developed GeoChrip to help finding the tweeters from your locality tweeting on your area of interest (keyword based search).

The GeoChrip service that provides a mashup of twitter and Google earth on a single website. The best thing of using GeoChrip is that its simple to use and you need not login to search someone tweeting on your favourite topic. Of-course if you want to have written access to that profile then you need to login.

How to use GeoChrip?

- First locate the place anywhere in the world either by manual locating through mouse pointer or search it from search box.

- Now delete the location and type the keyword about the tweet that you would like to search.

- Set the number of tweets if you are searching for people with higher tweets otherwise leave it as default.

- Set the radius beside it to find the tweeples (people tweeting) within certain radius of your targeted location.

Thats all, now you will get all the profiles twittering on your favourite tweeting topics in your locality.

Advantages of GeoChrip over Twitter.

Targeted oriented twitter users – You can easily reach twitter community based their tweets on your favourite topics.

Local twitter community – You can develop a local twitter community based on your area of interest by establishing relationship with them.