What is Blog and Blogging?

What is Blog? or what is Blogging? are the questions that really interest me to browse the web to read the answers by experts to know about What really different people think about Blogs and Blogging. There are tonns of expert’s views exixts in the web about this very basic question, “What is BLOG?” You can easily get this answers by simply typing the question in Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. or you may type the question alternatively as “Define Blog”.

What is Blog

So, avoiding the technical jargon about Blog and Blogging I would rather like to explain Blog and Blogging in very simple language.

A blog is like a personal diary published online

A blog is basically an online journal maintained online. Its just like keeping a diary online expressing your views in text along with audio, vedio, images about anything. Blogging is nothing but updating that online journal.

Creating a blog is easy compare to website Most of us are not web masters to create a beautiful website but we all can have a blog. The all we need is to know typing on computer and basic knowledge about intenet. But it is almost like a website readymade to non technical persons. Posting any article to the blog is as easy as writing an email and sending it with the click of a button.

Blog has some important features- like Blogs are capable of being equipped with several tonnes of contents with them. The contents are arranged in reverse chronological order. As the contents gets increased each time, the older entries get positioned below the newer one.The home page of the blog has customized number of post displayed there. The archive is the most distinctive place to find the heaps of contents in the blog.

Interactivity of blog The best thing about the blog that I like most is its interactive feature with the readers of the blog. The interactivity takes place through comment enteries in the blog. Your blog readers are allowed to express their views on what you have written about along with their name and email. This helps increasing the blog readership by exchanging the views between the author and the readers of the blog.

Subscribing a blog Blog also allows its readers to subscribe to it through email and readers so that they will get instant notification about any new post added to the blog.

Blog also helps its readers to get updated. It may be possible that you are searching some peice of information and get on a website to read it. But the main problem about the website is that it doesnot tells you about when it has last been updated where as blogs have an intrinsic feature of stamping the published date along with the post, so that you can easily trace about when the information has been updated last.

So, a little summary about “what is a blog?”

1. A blog is a readymade website for all.

2. Posting to a blog is as easy as writing an email.

3. The blog is an easy medium for interchanging the views between the author and their readers.

4. The readers can subscribe to the blog to get notify about the new posts there.

This is what a blog is in my own simple language.

Back links and its importance in getting higher page rank

Backlinks are also known as extra rich oxygen for blogs / websites. The backlinks helps a blog to get at the top of search engine positioning. It is measured by Google Page Rank. So, backlinks has its special importance when we are talking about the authority or search engine ranking and page rank of a blog.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links from one blog /website which lead back to another website. It is the way of linking your visitor to another important non/relevant information page present somewhere else other than the present page that the visitor is reading. In most cases this backlinks points to another non/relevant information page present on other blogs/ websites but sometimes linking back to other page on the same site also known as inbound links. In simple Backlinks are vote by some other site to your site.

Why Backlinks are so important?

The more backlinks a blog have the more Google Page Rank it can receive. Google page rank is considered as the symbol of authentication by Google for the site. The higher the page rank, the higher would be the SE position. When a site already having higher PR links to a site, Google considers the site being linked to be similar authentic as being voted by already authentic site. Thus getting more backlinks helps getting more page rank. So, every sites want to get more backlinks.

About Quality Backlinks.

All kind of backlinks may increase the number but not all of them will help getting the page rank. There are quality backlinks that help you in the search engine positioning and getting PR. Quality backlinks are links coming from sites which already have higher page rank. But along with this it is also considered while allotting page rank that whether the backlinks coming to the site are from relevant sites or other non relevant sites. The more the backlinks coming from relevant sites, the more it is considered having quality.

How to get backlinks?

Backlinks can be achieved by commenting on blogs, signature of forums, article submission, directory submission, link exchange.