AdSense image ads vs AdSense text ads revenue

AdSense contextual advertising seems to be number one choice for the bloggers on the web. But every time when it comes to finalizing a new AdSense code, most of we get hang for a while over the question “Image ads only / text ads only or image and text ads to display on our site”. There seems to be a little misconception about revenue generation among some bloggers. Let me help you focusing the inside view of AdSense revenue.

What most bloggers like to display?

Most bloggers have a mis-conception that text ads helps earning more revenue than AdSense image ads. that is why they prefer to set the AdSense text ads every where on their blog by completely eliminating the image ads on their blog for earning revenue from their blog. Lets see what does Google says about the performance of AdSense image ads Vs AdSense text ads revenue generation? Google AdSense seems not to be very clear about this aspect to the publishers and answers very concisely for the question given below.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll earn more by displaying image ads. However, by choosing to display image ads in addition to text ads, you can help ensure that you’ll have all available advertisers bidding to appear on your site. Both text and image ads will compete in the same auction to display on your pages, and we’ll automatically display the ad(s) that we expect to earn you the most. But there is a very clear answer from the Google AdWords team. Let us check this out.

How do image ads compete with text ads?

Because an image ad takes up the entire ad unit on a site in our content network, instead of being one of four text ads on a page, we use an effective CPM, or eCPM, model to rank all ads in the auction. This ensures that both CPC and CPM targeted text and image ads are evaluated in the same manner. As always, the highest ranking ad(s) will be served to our users. If this happens to be an image ad, this means that the ad has an eCPM that is greater than the sum of the next four ads that it out ranks.

Now if AdWords team has very clear answer that AdSense image ads can help you earning in equally better way, then Why most of the bloggers or website owners experience low revenue generation from AdSense image ads on their site? The answer to this low AdSense revenue generation from image ads is hidden in AdSense smart pricing of the Ads. But those who are still in fear that why you would display AdSense image ads when there seems to have Smart pricing rates get applied on AdSense image ads? Check out what Google AdWords have to say about smartly priced Google ads.

Yes. Smart pricing applies to image as well as text ads that are served on the content network. For those who aren’t familiar with this feature, smart pricing automatically discounts the cost of keyword-targeted content clicks if our data shows that a click is less likely to convert on that site. This helps you meet your ROI goals on the content network.

So, this would be the enough reason for let off the fear of not imposing AdSense image ads on your site. I would rather like to select both types of ads on my site provided the look, placement and few other factors guarantees which type of ads would play better.

Remember that if you are not seeing image ads every where on my blog, its only because I am concerned about which type of AdSense ads would play well at which position of my blog rather than which type of AdSense ads would earn me more.