Adsense preview tool helps getting related advertisements

AdSense Preview tool installation is the one thing, that I suggest every new blogger to install on their browser. AdSense preview tool installation helps your blog to go right way if you are blogging for money. Because it let you know about the possible AdSense ads that would be going to get slapped on your blog post when you add AdSense code to it.

What is AdSense Preview Tool?

AdSense Preview Tool is the handy utility for all Bloggers and Webmasters to decide whether their content goes right or wrong. Because every blogger or webmaster know that AdSense revenue largely depends upon related AdSense advertisements that comes on the web-page. If the AdSense ads are not related to the content then blog visitors would not go to click any single ad this would decrease AdSense revenue

How AdSense Preview Tool helps getting related Ads?

As a general rule, AdSense ads gets display on the web-page based on the type of content present there. But despite of that we can see that lots of web-pages do contain non-related AdSense advertisements. The fact is that the AdSense ads also depends on the keyword density, content writing style, selection of title and other factors. The low density of primary keyword attracts along with other factors attract non-related AdSense advertisements on the post. So, before insertion of AdSense code to a particular post, you can check out the possible AdSense Ads come to your web-page. So, AdSense Preview tool installation can give you a next chance to improve your content to get related ads.

What are Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank?

Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are the two parameter sets that put forward the competitive analysis of your websites in comparison to others present on the web. Google Page rank measures the importance of a website in terms of relevancy with the searched terms and Alexa Rank measures the site’s popularity in terms of the traffic arriving on the website. You should understand these parameters in more better way. Afterall, when you are online, your main motto should be to gain high Google page rank and low Alexa rank. Let me help you by explain these little more.

Google Page rank is the numeric assignment of the degree of importance of a web page in comparison to other websites. The scale ranges from 0 to 10. Google Ranks a page in ascending order starting from 0 and max up to 10. The higher page rank is all about getting quality voting from other already ranked sites. Though the actual calculation of how it is measured is kept well secret by Google itself, which often gets modified in the algorithm to make search result better but many speculations have been made about it by webmasters based on the actual trend of page ranking.

While assigning Google Page rank, a page with higher importance is considered as more relevant and given better rank. The importance and relevancy is determined by the number of websites linking to the said site, it is considered as a vote by the linking site towards the linked site and hence considered important. If the sites linking to it are already been assigned importance by Google, then the importance of the said site increase all the more. The importance increases even more with the gathering of quality links from the quality websites belonging to the same niche.

Google link weight and link juice in Page Rank.

Now when you have understand the basics of Page Rank, it is wise to know little more about link weight and link juice. Link weight is what influences the page rank your website will receive. When a website linked to your site have higher page rank, then your site is considered as more important in comparison to when a low page rank site links to yours. This is because your site is being referred by a site which is already trusted highly by Google, thus providing your site a more importance.

Link Juice is another influencing factor of page rank that your site will acquire when some website votes for your site by linking to your site. It is the amount of juice that is being driven to your website either shared or un-shared. For example, when you acquire backlink from a site of higher page rank 9 and that external site has only linked to your site, then you will enjoy the whole link juice and your site will have the chance of getting higher page rank for that. Whereas if the external site with PR 9 has backlinked to 3 sites including yours, then the link juice will be shared among the three and your page will not get as higher PR as in the early case.

Alexa Rank.

Alexa rank measures the site popularity and rank the website in descending order starting from billions towards 0. The lower the number your site represents, the better the stand your site has.

How Alexa rank works?

Alexa ranking is based on a simple algorithm. It displays collective traffic data being recorded over a period of 3 months from the visitors of your site who already have Alexa toolbar installed. The Alexa traffic is based on the parameters like reach, page views etc. The reach refers to the number of visitors visiting your site in a single day with Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. It is not the exact data of the number of people irrespective of having Alexa toolbar installed or not. However if a particular user visits your site several times a day, then it is considered as single visit.

Alexa ranking benefits.

Though lots of people prefer to improve Alexa ranking but lots other consider Alexa ranking of no importance, as it does not shows the actual data due to above said reasons. But still Alexa ranking has many benefits.

1. Alexa ranking is mainly used to show the competitive excellence of your website in comparison to others.

2. Personal pages and blogs are being ranked by Alexa in the same way as websites.

Alexa ranking disadvantages.

1. Alexa rank does not shows separate ranking for sub-pages and sub domains, thus you does not get the exact idea about popularity of any specific section of your site.

2. Alexa does not consider those visitors, who does not have Alexa toolbar or other plugins, widgets installed, thus provide related data not absolute data.


Google page rank is the best parameter set for the quality of your site irrespective of its traffic, but Alexa rank helps you counting your page popularity in compare to your competitors. Though Alexa does not worth much but Alexa rank together with Google page rank gives better information about your site.