Convert Non relevant AdSense ads into relevant ads

Non relevant AdSense ads are nightmare of every content writer or website/ blog owner who are lean to make money from ads on their web-page. Every one wants to get rid of non related ads. So, here are few questions, about which you would like to get answer “How Google AdSense works for serving the ads and Why non related ads are being displayed on your page? How to get rid of non-relevant ads? “ This blog-post will help you to know about how to get relevant ads.

How Google Adsense serves ads?

Google AdSense scans the content of the whole page where the AdSense code has been attached to serve ads. The ads are being served based on the relevancy of the content with the ads. To determine the relevancy, Google AdSense depends upon the primary keyword density which are relevant to the available ads in their section.

Why non-related ads are being displayed on your page?

If it does not find any relevancy between the ads present in their stock with a well defined keyword content then it begins to display the public service ads (PSA). But those contents which are a bit ambiguous type and unable to define the primary keywords in their content, Google AdSense and all other online advertising services faces the same problem of understanding and matching the relevancy of the contents and the available AdSense ads hence displays non relevant ads.

How to get rid of non-relevant AdSense ads?

Getting AdSense to work properly for your web-page is never been a easy job to do. The all you need to know is the answers of above two questions about Google AdSense to optimize your content as per AdSense to get relevant ads.

- Keep your blog or website content concentrate on single niche.

- Maintain proper keyword density in content.

- Write down the title containing primary keyword.

- Try AdSense Section targeting to put extra weightage to related portion of content with proper density of relevant keywords and downplay the rest.

AdSense section targeting must be used with enough content and should not be used to targeted some stuffed keywords or spamming.

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